Tuesday, June 1, 2010

She needs a little color????????

Something weird happened last night! 

We decided to explore our new neighborhood by taking a walk.  We remembered that we had seen a Tropical Sno (yum!) about a mile away so we set that as our destination.  Once we made it to the stand, we were pleasantly surprised by how friendly the people waiting in line were.  One guy talked to Adam for a really long time about how wonderful the neighborhood was and asked Adam many random questions.  I bet they talked for at least 20 minutes.  A woman and her high school aged daughter started talking to me.  We quickly realized that we had a lot in common including cheerleading, church, and the daughter was even friends with my brother and had been at his graduation open house last Saturday!  Adam came over and joined the conversation and we talked for a few more minutes.  All of a sudden I noticed that the mother was holding chapstick and told Haven to smack her lips.  I thought, "Did she just put chapstick on my daughter???"  Sure enough Haven asked for more and the woman proceeded to put more of her chapstick on Haven.  I was so shocked that I didn't even know what to say.  Then all of a sudden she said to Haven, "You need a little color."  She then put LIPSTICK on Haven.  Now, I understand that we had a great conversation and that we had a lot in common, but this STRANGER was putting her lipstick on my 20 month-old daughter.  I could tell the high school daughter was super embarassed and was not sure what to say or do.  I was just so shocked that Adam had to politely tell the woman we had to go and quickly ushered me away. 

Am I totally off base, or is this really weird????