Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's a Boy!

I know that this is about a week overdue but we are having a Boy!!!!  We had an ultrasound on Dec. 15th.  From everything they can tell he looks healthy and is measures about 5 or 6 days smaller than my due date (which is exactly how Haven measured at 21 weeks).   Haven joined us and was very interested/opinionated.  As soon as we told her we were having a boy she said, "No!  I wanted a girl!"  Eek.  Silly girl.  Now that a week has passed she is excited for her "baby brother!"  She even tries to share her blankie with him (by lying it on my tummy), tries to wake him up (by shaking my belling and yelling at him), and told us he should be named "Baby Jesus."  I think she will make a fine big sister!

We are now trying to figure out the room situations.  I am excited to have an excuse to decorate 2 rooms since we will be moving Haven to the larger room and having our baby boy in the nursery.  Let the sewing begin!

Here are the pics from the ultrasound. He's so handsome like his daddy (maybe he will take on his more laid back personality as well!)! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Binkie Wars

So Haven Annabelle is in love with her binkie...or at least WAS in love with her binkie. 

Didn't I always say I wouldn't have a child who used a binkie????

Now, don't get me wrong.  Since Haven was only a few months old she has only been allowed to have the binkie and nap and bedtime.  At least I stuck to my guns about not having a two-year-old walking around all day long with a binkie hanging out of her mouth like a cigarette.

BUT, I have definitely put off taking the binkie away.  At first I said that we would get rid of it by 18 months.  Hmm, that just somehow didn't happen.  THEN we were in the process of moving so I convinced my husband that we should wait til she was well adjusted to the new home.  THEN summer just seemed to slip by without a chance (haha) to work on getting rid of the binkie.  THEN I got pregnant and have been extremely sick and couldn't even comprehend the thought of adding another complication to my life (probably my only semi-legitimate excuse thus far).  SO, now that I am feeling much better (praise the Lord!) it was decided (mostly by Adam) that now was the time.  He wanted to do it before Thanksgiving but I convinced him that we should wait til after since Haven and I were going to Chicago for a few days and then we would have a crazy weekend with all of the holiday festivities.

SO, after much procrastination we set the BIG DAY for the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Of course I had to mentally and physically prepare for this huge event in the Cline household.  We talked all weekend about what a big girl Haven is and how big girls don't need binkies.  I knew that we had our work cut out for us when I woke up Sunday morning (the morning prior to the BIG DAY) to Haven yelling, "I'm not a big girl yet, mommy!" while pointing to her binkie on the floor outside her crib.

So anyway, Monday came around and we went to Target to pick out a "big girl toy."  I told her that she could have the toy once she threw away her binkies.  So, we got home and she threw them away.  Once naptime came around Haven politely agreed to bed but then said, "I just need to get my binkie out of the garbage first!"  I gave Haven her "big girl toy" (a little baby doll) and put her in bed.  After about 1 hour and 45 minutes of going between crying/screaming, "I want my daddy" and "I need my binkie RIGHT NOW!"  she finally passed out....but only for 30 or 40 minutes compared to her usual 3-4 hour naps (yes, I'm spoiled).  She woke up balling and I went in to get her.  She balled for another 30 minutes in my arms until I finally put a movie on for her.  At this point I called Adam and told him I needed to call in reinforcements and that he got to be on night duty. 

Of course Haven was crabby and fussy all evening.  So we got all geared up for bedtime and I went to bed and said, "Good luck honey!"  So Adam laid her down and said good night and low and behold the child didn't make one peep and slept 11 hours without waking up.  I was half ecstatic that she went right to sleep and half mad b/c I couldn't believe that she didn't put on her display of emotions for her father.

Well since Monday she has gone to sleep within 10 minutes of being put into bed.  Although I have to say her naps have been a little shorter than normal, it really wasn't the huge month long process I had envisioned in my head.  If you ask Haven why she is a big girl she will even answer, "Because I don't need my binkie anymore!"

Now on to potty training and big girl bed.  Hehe.