Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's a Boy!

I know that this is about a week overdue but we are having a Boy!!!!  We had an ultrasound on Dec. 15th.  From everything they can tell he looks healthy and is measures about 5 or 6 days smaller than my due date (which is exactly how Haven measured at 21 weeks).   Haven joined us and was very interested/opinionated.  As soon as we told her we were having a boy she said, "No!  I wanted a girl!"  Eek.  Silly girl.  Now that a week has passed she is excited for her "baby brother!"  She even tries to share her blankie with him (by lying it on my tummy), tries to wake him up (by shaking my belling and yelling at him), and told us he should be named "Baby Jesus."  I think she will make a fine big sister!

We are now trying to figure out the room situations.  I am excited to have an excuse to decorate 2 rooms since we will be moving Haven to the larger room and having our baby boy in the nursery.  Let the sewing begin!

Here are the pics from the ultrasound. He's so handsome like his daddy (maybe he will take on his more laid back personality as well!)! :)

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  1. Love you Baby! I mean Cholee! :-)
    Can't wait till April when we can actually see our new blessing!