Friday, September 24, 2010

A Birthday and an Announcement

Haven's 2nd birthday is today.  Adam and I decided to give her a special birthday present this year...A sibling!  Ha!  Yep!  We are expecting our 2nd child due on April 25th.  :)  We are very excited!

We had our first appointment today which included an ultrasound.  The baby looks good and its heartbeat was strong.  They said that the baby measured about 5 days behind my due date (Haven was exactly 5 days behind as well at an 8 week ultrasound) but that we will keep my due date since it is within a week.

So I am almost 10 weeks along.  I have to say that I have been really sick.  I was pretty sick with Haven but this has been even worse.  I have actually been put on some medication which is helping but I still feel icky.  With that said, I know that it is totally worth it and I am just praying that the sickness will subside in a few weeks!

Well that's about it! 

I will dedicate a post soley to Haven's birthday once I have some birthday pictures to put up!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Havenisms Vol. 2

More silly things Haven says...

"Mommy, here are your glass slippers!"  (While handing me my cuddly big warm slippers)

"I want to see my peoples."  (During Bible Study when she was explaining why she didn't want to play by herself anymore)

"I'm cheersing"  (While banging two cups together)

"Mommy, it's a prince!" "Mommy, see her glass slippers?" and "Where's her crown?"  (All while watching Dancing with the Stars