Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Pillowcase" Dress

I have branched out with my sewing from simple blankets, burpcloths, and nursing covers and finally made some dresses!  They are pretty simple, but I think they are adorable.  The two below I made for Haven's two cousins, Kamryn and Samara.  I have tons of fabric to make a bunch for Haven!  I'm sure she will be wearing them all summer.

Haven trying one of the dresses on.  She's not happy.

I got the pattern off of  Go to and look under the shop name "macymade."  It was $3 and had a great tutorial with lots of pictures.


  1. so fun isn't it! I have a surger, so it's even more fun for me! now if only I could find some more time to do it....

  2. Beautiful! Great job! :) Wish I had a girl that little so I could dress her up in such cute attire.