Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It has been a while...

Oh my goodness.  It has been a very long time since I have posted anything on here!   Eeek.  A few people have been bugging me for pictures and updates on life and Haven Annabelle.  So, here is a brief update of the last few months....

We closed on our new home on May 21st and moved in that day!  We were so blessed to have an abundance of help!  THANK YOU!  We are continually amazed at how much both our families and our church family surround us with love and support through every circumstance in our lives!  So anyway, we moved on Friday and Saturday.  The next Monday our church started a week-long missions trip to Des Moines called Mission to the City.   Adam was able to get the whole week off which allowed him to be home to help get "settled" as well as to participate in the missions trip for three days.  It was an awesome week!  The week ended with a Phil Wickham concert (amazing!).  Another huge thing that happened that week was our church moved locations to a new building.  So, that weekend was crazy busy with Adam getting sound stuff up and going as well as me getting the nursery area organized (oh yeah, I took over nursery stuff at our church!).  By the way, we also had a ton of family in town, my brother's high school graduation party as well as his graduation ceremony that weekend.  Looking back, I'm not sure how we survived that weekend!  :)

Most of June was spent getting settled into our new home, discovering our new neighborhood, and adjusting to the changes that come with moving.  I realize how much a creature of habit I am and how change is hard for me.  I was so comfortable with our routine in Ankeny, the parks we went to, the routes I always ran, the library, the pool/splash park, the places we ate, the Ankeny Hy-VEE (which I really really miss), and so many other things.  Despite all my reminiscing...I am so so so happy about our move!  Our new home really serves our family well, is a place we can better "host", and is so much more convenient to the things that we are involved in.

The beginning of July was spent celebrating our independence and preparing for my brother, Brandon, to get married.  Bud (as I always call him) and Becca got married on July 10th.  It was a beautiful wedding and Haven was an adorable flower girl!  We got to spend a lot of time with extended family from out of town which was super fun!

As we cross over the half-way mark of summer Haven and I are looking forward to heading down to Springfield, Missouri next week to spend the week with my sister, Amanda (and her hubby!) while she is on her week off between physical therapy rotations and while Adam has a week full of not only his full time job but also spending every evening working on some new sound stuff for the church.  Haven and I are pumped to spend time with "Auntie Mamanda" and to get to see Amanda and Ross' house!

We are also looking forward to September which will be a month full of celebration and relaxation!  We are heading down to Tablerock Lake with Adam's parents for vacation!  Adam and I also will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and Haven will turn 2.  Wow.  We are getting old!  :)

Ok, now to the stuff that most people actually care about.....Haven Annabelle.  Haven is a character!  Her current favorite things are the Splash Park (she asks to go every day!), talking, dancing, singing songs with mommy, running, watching LarryBob (veggietales), and reading books.  She is also getting so smart!  She knows most of her colors, can count to ten with some help, is learning her shapes, and can match colors, pictures, and shapes.  She has started to recall things and tell stories about past occurances.  She talks constantly and in a very loud urgent voice.  Ha!  Here are some of her favorite phrases:
"Whats happen?" (what happened)
"I'm fine"
"I no like that"
"I wanna eat"
"thanks mom"
"hey honey"
"Mommy Cholee"
"Daddy Adam"
How old are you Haven?  "Two Months"
What's your name?  "Annabelle Tine" (as in Haven Annabelle Cline) or  "Miss B"  (Miss-b-Haven) 
"Loves you!"
"Hey There!"
"See you soon!"
"Bye guys"
"My tummy hurts" 
"I want my binki"
"I want my princess shoes"
"daddy's at work"
"I want Grammy's house"
"I want Grammy's car"
"Silly Mommy"
"I not funny"
"I smart"
"my do it"
"my have it"  (may I have it?)
"I want some snacks"
"I want ice water"
"Havee tired, I wanna go nigh night"

Ok, so this really wasn't a brief summary at all...but, hopefully you are caught up on life in the Cline household and I will try to be better about updating more often!  Pictures to come soon!

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