Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am thrilled!

After two months of being called "Daddy" my child has FINALLY decided to start calling me "Mommy" again! It's not that Haven couldn't say "mommy;" she just chose not to. She used to call me "Mama" very consistently. But one day, she decided that it would be funny to call me Daddy. I would even say to her, "Call me Mommy!" She would reply with a sly smile and say, "No, Daddy!" I would then say, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" And she would say, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"

Well, Haven has been sick the last week and a few times when she wasn't feeling well she would slip and say, "Mama!" Then, all of a sudden, yesterday she called me "Mommy!" Of course, all day long I kept saying, "Say Mommy!" And she would! Now today she has been calling me "Mommy" all day long! YAY!

It seems so silly even as I am typing this but it truly brings joy to my heart that she has taken down her ornery 16-month-old guard and will call the woman who brought her into this world her rightful and earned name!

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  1. Oh, how funny Nichole! My sister interacted with a guy in the Air Force who, during basic training, called all the "sirs" M'am and all the "M'am"s sirs. Needless to say, he got some special attention:) Congrats on the newly enlisted "Mommy" status!! :)