Thursday, January 20, 2011

Potty Wars

If you read my blog, you may remember a recent post entitled "Binkie Wars".  Well, we are on to phase two of big transitions for Haven prior to baby brother arriving in April.  Here are the phases:

1.  Get rid of the beloved binkie....check!
2.  Potty process
3.  Big Girl Bed...yet to come

So potty training.  Fun times.  Haven is actually doing wonderfully, we are just having a few problems and I was hoping for some insight...

Since I am home with Haven and able to spend a lot of time with her on potty training we decided to go straight to underwear.  My plan was to put her in pull-ups only for naps, diapers for bedtime, and put plastic covers over her underwear when we went in public.  WELL, we have stuck to everything except the going out in public thing.  After 1 1/2 weeks she stays dry all day EXCEPT she refuses to poop in the potty.  She does so well with everything else but I find myself getting nervous when we get about half way through the day b/c I just know that she is going to poopy in her panties.  And that, my friends, is so nasty!  Plus, it is a lot of work to clean up everyday (pretty sure it takes a very talented person to take poopy underwear off of a child and not get it all over the child, all over yourself, and more times than not the poop plops on the floor in my experience...sick) and I can't afford to provide a brand new pair of underwear everyday if I were to just throw the poopy ones away.  So, I sometimes put her in a pull up at home and in public.  She actually does not potty in the pull-up.  Just poop. 

Does anyone have any ideas/past experiences on how to get her to go poopy in the potty?  She seems almost scared to do it.  She will go potty and then five minutes poop her pants.  HELP PLEASE!  :)  I know it may just be a waiting game and she will get it eventually but I am hoping someone has an idea that will magically work.  ;)

To be continued...


  1. Morgan had a hard time learning to go poop in the potty; he seemed scared and was really, really obstinate about it. What I ended up doing was having him sit on the toilet for ten minutes every hour, in the hopes that he'd actually be on the toilet when he had to go, and that he'd see that it didn't hurt, that it wasn't was a struggle. He'd scream for those ten minutes, but after three or four days, either he decided it wasn't scary anymore, or he decided he'd had enough, and he woke me up one morning saying that he had to poop. He went into the bathroom and did his business, and it was never a problem after that.

    Hope this helps,
    Anna (your aunt, in case that wasn't clear...)

  2. thanks! I will have to try that! It's nice to hear that other parents struggle with the same things! :)

  3. we're in the midst of potty training Brielle too. She can stay dry for hours on end, so she knows how to hold it. But what she hasn't figured out yet is how to go when she wants to. that's frustrating too. but as far as pooping goes, we've had that before too. What i remember doing with Josiah I think is taking the poop from the pullup and plopping it in the toilet and making a BIG STINKING DEAL about the poo poo in the toilet. If she sees it in there, and can flush it down, it might be a little motivation to do it on her own. But Lillian pooped in diapers only LONG after she was trained with "number one." :) OH, and I remember refusing to let her see her poop in her diaper or pullup. she always wanted to see it for some reason, so I told her she can only see it when she goes in the toilet. That worked better than I thought it ever would. good luck! and let me know if you find a magic trick!

  4. Having been a part of the potty training process for many, many kids at the daycare I work at, I can tell you it's all a matter of patience. I don't know why pooping in the potty is such a scary ordeal for a toddler, but it really is! Your aunt's suggestion of taking Haven every hour and having her sit for a long time is probably the best suggestion you'll get. Once she goes a couple times and you and Adam praise her like crazy, she'll start to realize it's not so scary. Just remember to not make a big deal out of it if she does go in her big girl panties, no matter how gross it is! Best of luck to you!!