Friday, March 11, 2011

January/February 2011 Pictures


Here is a picture of Haven and her friend Marianna.  Mari's mom, Faith, and I have been friends for a little over a year.  Our friendship evolved very quickly and she is such an encouraging friend to me!  We try to get together at least once a month if not more often!


HAVEN'S FIRST HAIRCUT:  January 13, 2011
Let's get rid of the mullet!  :)
She did so good!  Mommy almost cried!  Haven told the stylist, "Put my hairs back!"  haha.

This is a picture of Faith and I at Winter Jam.  We joke that this is the 1 year anniversary of our friendship!  :)  We met a few times prior to Winter Jam last year but this was where we really got to know each other!  We have so much fun together!  I am sure we embarrassed our friends by our sweet dance moves...

Haven meeting Aubrianna!


Adam's 29th Birthday/Cassidy's 19th Birthday. 
Adam and my baby brother, Cassidy, are 5 days shy of being exactly 10 years apart in age.  They also get the privilege of celebrating their birthdays together every year.

Haven loves her Uncle Cass!

And, of course, she loves her daddy!

My mom always makes yummy cakes/desserts!

or as she likes to call it..."gymnastics!"

Haven is quite the little fish.   Well that's what we call her but she informed us the other day that she is not a fish, she is a dolphin and she has dolphin babies in her tummy.  One confused little girl!  :)  But really, she is great in the water and loves loves loves swimming!  We have done Water Babies 3 times now and this time she got to do it with daddy (this very prego mommy was not about to get in a bathing suit in the middle of winter!). 

Now that all of my pictures are finally updated I will hopefully be better about posting current pics!  Well, at least until baby boy Cline comes along.  Who knows what will happen then!  :)

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