Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Roman's 4 month & Haven's 3 year STATS

The stats are in and I have big kiddos!

Roman at 4 months 13 days:
Height:  26"  76%
Weight:  17 lbs 5 oz  82%
Head Circumference:  42 cm  33%
Roman has started rolling from back to front.  He is reaching and grabbing toys.  He also just started reaching for Daddy & Mommy which is super fun!  He continues to smile and laugh a lot!  He enjoys sitting in the Bumbo, playing on the floor, and swinging in his swing.  He loves soft blankets and toys & puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.  He also loves loves loves his sister and puts up with her craziness!  :)

Haven at 2 years 11.5 months:
Height:  39"  87%
Weight:  35 lbs  86%
Head circumference:  49 cm  60%
Haven is growing smarter everyday & likes to be challenged.  She really enjoys one on one time with anyone who will give it to her!  She still loves to read books, play games, & do puzzles.    She just recently is able to master some more difficult puzzles.  She is learning more letters and letter sounds.  She can count consistently to 14 consistently and sometimes higher.  She is growing more proficient in her coloring and drawing skills, although this does not seem to be her strength.  She has quite the imagination and loves to play dress up and princesses.  She knows 8 or more bible verses and is eager to learn more.  She continues to be extremely social and just loves people!  She is very compassionate and quick to forgive.  She really enjoys playing with her brother but has to be reminded often of appropriate play with a baby!  She still has a lot of sass and we love her for it! 

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