Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Princess Preschooler

On Monday, September 19th we started Preschool at home with Haven!  Since she is so young we decided we weren't going to do a curriculum and it would be best to make it more fun than academic and add in learning as we go!  We are doing a different theme each week, incorporating a letter of the week, and incorporating a verse each week to memorize and learn about.  I also try to add in biblical stories, ideas, and activities as we are learning.  So far it has been a blast and Haven is loving it!  She enjoys the one-on-one time with mom, loves to learn, and is really doing well with our day being more structured. 

Our first week was the week leading up to her birthday.  I decided to do a princess theme that week since she was having a Cinderella party.  I knew that the weekend of her birthday would be filled with glam and glitz so I wanted to focus more on what positive character qualities princesses exhibit as well as talk about how we have a heavenly father who is our King and that makes us God's princesses!  I also thought that doing a princess theme would win "school" over since she is obsessed with princesses right now!  Boy was I right!  She LOVED everything!  It was so fun!

 Silly Girl!
 Classic Haven look!
 She is SOOO SWEET!  Happy First Day of School Havee Bells!
 Loving the white board!

 Lots of fun princess activities!

I found a website that had A TON of stuff!  I made these little "Tot Books" for her.  She loved them!

Birthday pictures to come soon!

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  1. Where did you get your big calendar and white board? LOVE THEM!!!