Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Haven Language

I just love how Haven talks. She says SO many words and has her own adorable little language. I decided it would be fun to post some of the things she says....mostly so I don't forget! Besides the below words, she is also starting to put two words together and is able to answer some questions and tell me what she wants! It is so nice to understand what she is fussing about and be able to give her what she is wanting/needing (when appropriate). It alleviates frustration on both sides. She is starting to understand more "rules" or expectations that we have (although she tests us many times a day!) as well as is enjoying helping Mommy and Daddy with more tasks and activities around the house (such as baking, throwing things away, cleaning up, etc.). Other things she loves to do is to wrestle with Mommy and Daddy, play with her babies (she's quite the little mommy!), watch Veggietales and Elmo, read books, play with blocks, and eat (she thinks eating is a hobby). She is a little drama queen and reminds most people of her Mommy (the good and the bad!). What a little bundle of joy she is!

Here are some of things she is saying these days:

Mommy (although she prefers to call me daddy lately)
"Me-mah" (grammy Tammy)
"Ba Ba" (Grandpa Mark)
"Bah!" (Bob-from veggietales)
"Papa" (Papa Ron)
"Nana" (Nana Kathy)
"nana" (Banana)
"Mee mees" (Mittens)
"Cell" - with a little bit of a southern twang (cell phone)
"tinky" (stinky)
"ackckckcc" (acky)
"owwww" (meow)
"ooooo" (moo)
"chickie" (chicken)
"nack" (Snack)
"mills" (milk)
"Melmo" (Elmo)
"tee tee" (Blankie)
"tee Tee" (Binki)
"tunkee" (Chunky) AKA Chunka Monk the pink monkey
"ooo ooo" (monkey sound)
"ba ba" (Bac bac for chicken sound)
"Ella" (Cinderella)
"baba" (bottle)
"tee" (teeth)
"sues" (shoes)
"saw" (socks)
"ticka Ticka" (tickle tickle)
"moooaaaah" (kiss)
"bye bye"
"ello" (hello)
"mana" (auntie Amanda)
"buh" (Uncle Bud)
"allah" (Eiffel the dog)
"dunoir" (Jr. the dog)
"da done" (all done)
"da do" (Thank you)
"ba Do" (breadstick)
"tee Tee" (kitty)
"duh" (Duck)
"oof oof" (woof woof)
"ba" (ball)
"cows" (couch)
"nigh nigh" (night night or bed)
"boos" (purse)
"ah wa" (water)
"da" (bath)
"bah" (block)

Ok, that's all for now. I will post more later!

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